Dye/Color polyester blend towel holder
  • Hi... I've never dyed anything, but know enough to avoid trying to dye polyester with dyes I can pick up at target. I don't necessarily need to dye the item I have (it's a polyester/cotton blend panel of pockets that you hang on your bathroom wall to hold towels, etc.). I just need to get it black, but don't have to worry much about washing it. Is dyeing my best option, or are there other methods?

    Look forward to your response(s).

  • Assuming that the fabric is untreated (free of waterproofing, stainfighters, etc.), you will need both the iDye for natural fibers (to dye the cotton) and iDye Poly (to dye the polyester) in black. You'll need to follow the stove top method in order to achieve a deep, dark black. Product instructions as well as where to buy information can be found on our website. Have fun dyeing!

  • Hi! Dyeing is a lot fun! have a great one!