Refreshing an indigo dye pot
  • We had a wonderful group dye day today, using the Jacquard indigo kit. The flower didn't seem to me to be very obvious when I returned it to the dye pot. I'd like to keep this pot going for a while. How do I refresh it? Use more soda ash and thiox? Or?

    And how can I tell if it's dead?
  • Hi,
    Sometimes covering the pot and letting it rest may work. If you have used it a lot O2 has got into the dye so it needs to rest for a while. It could very well be exhausted if you dyed a lot but the kit will dye about 5lbs of fabric. If covered and stored at room temperature it can last for weeks.
  • The vat was not exhausted. I added about 1 T of Rit Color Remover and, after a wait, had a much better dye vat than the original -- great results on my yarn, both cotton and linen. Our original dye day when the kit was mixed the night before, produced pastels and light shades, even with more than one dip.

    A couple of days later and it is totally blue again, with no flower. It is not stored at room temp because I don't want it in the house but temperatures are mild in my backyard. I guess I will add more Rit CM when I want to use it again.