Painting Permanent Dyeset solution on?
  • Hi, Newbie here. Steam setting Green Label silk dyes is impossible for me given my physical disabilities. I tried some setting by immersion in Permanent Dyeset solution. It too was not a good physical option (though the items came out gorgeous. Woohoo!). So am looking for another way to set. Heard you can set your silk colors by painting Permanent Dyeset solution on the dyed item. ANyone know the how-to of this? Thanks!!!
  • Not too sure how painting the Permanent Dyeset concentrate will work, but if you have a small, scrap piece of painted silk it is definitely worth trying. Perhaps another option would be to put the mixed concentrate into a spray bottle and spray a heavy mist of that over your piece.
    hope this helps!
  • Thanks for those useful ideas. Also, has anyone here tried the paint-on method?
  • I just started reading through the various forums & topics. I happened to answer this very question on another thread.

    YES, you can paint on the dyeset. I gave detailed instructions on this thread: