• hi there! we got one of the jacquard tie dye kits for my friends baby shower (tie-dyed onsies). they've been drying for more than the allotted time and now i know i need to wash them. but i'm afraid they're going to bleed all over one another and just turn out to be one big mess. or not? any thoughts? thanks!
  • Hi there,

    What a great thing to do! Tie Dyed onsies are going to be soooo cute for the baby.
    To answer your question; if, when you say, "they've been drying for more than the allotted time" , you are referring to the time suggested for allowing the dye to react with the fabric, it will be fine to go ahead and rinse them (rinsing first is a good idea, although not absolutely necessary) and then wash them all in a load together.
    If they have already been pre-rinsed then, again, tossing them all into a load together isn't going to be a problem at all.
    One point; if in fact the "allotted time" refers to the time for allowing the dye to react and if the onsies completely dried out before the dye had a chance to react you may loose more of the color than you would if the pieces had stayed damp the entire 12 - 24 hours suggested for reaction time.
  • hi anet. i believe the directions stated to let them dry for 24 hours then wash them. they've been drying for over a week now :o they definitely stayed damp for more than 24 hours. now they're bone dry. so you recommend rinsing them individually, letting them dry again (?) then washing them all together? thanks again!
  • Hi again,

    So long as they had that first 12 - 24 hours damp, all should be fine. It isn't necessary to allow them to dry after the first rinse, but it is a good idea to prevent them from lying on top of each other after the rinse and before the first wash as there is almost always a bit of excess dye left after the rinse and that can transfer to other pieces or other objects.
    I usually hang each piece I've dyed until I have them all rinsed, and then fill my washer with cool to warm water and detergent and toss them all in once.