Best way to spin shirt
  • I am not sure what the official word is..Spin, Twist or Turn.

    What is the best way to spin the shirt, before you dye it.

    Fingers, flat fork or a wooden rod.

    Does anyone know if there is machine that you can buy that will spin the shirts so that they are tight or maybe use a cordless drill.

    I am going to do about 100 shirts and I am just not getting tight spins. I am sure that practice makes perfect, and after a bunch you will get good at it.

    Do the big tie dye companies hand spin them or do they use something else to do it.

  • Hey there,

    My personal preference is a fork - however, I'm sure other folks have other preferences. It really is a function of practice. Are you wetting your shirts before folding? That makes a big difference.
    I don't know what the big companies use, but again, they do hundreds of tees a week so they can probably do them in their sleep!
  • A shirt that's about 1/3 wet, ie heavily dampened but not dripping, folds best. You can come back to a spun shirt and tighten the center, with smooth needlenose pliers, just to give precision.. but that step is remedial and usually unnecessary if the shirt is spun at the proper moisture level.

    It's easier to work with a sloppy wet shirt (easier to get crisp definition) and then allow the spun shirt to dry out halfway (not 'dry', just heavily damp as opposed to dripping)..

    than it is to work with a shirt not wet enough.

    I 'fix' my shirts in warm water/TSP, allow to drip until half dry, spin & rubber band, and USE TSP WATER TO MIX DYE..

    if so doing, the dye will break down in minutes. It's very easy to ruin a batch by taking a 10 minute break with dye mixed this way.

    But if used INSTANTLY the color is more intense. Trial and error.. it needs practice..