disintegrating cotton yarn
  • My first experience with the Vinyl Sulphon dyes and I don't think what happened is from the dye...I prewashed then soaked-overnight in 5 gallon of water/1/2 cup sodium carbonate (soda ash) which brought the H20 pH from tap water measure of 5.4 to > 8.6 (the highest reading on my spa strips) The water was not slippery as really high pH water becomes, so I don't believe it was too strong.....Anyway, after dyeing and allowing the cotton slub/boucle-to be used as weft in towels-to sit for nearly 24 hours at 85degrees(I don't have a steamer) I rinsed the yarn under running water until clear. With the last wringing out (by hand) Ibegan to hear breaking sound and saw ends-many ends poking up-even gentle pulling caused the threads to just break apart. The entire skein-about 6 ounces of yarn is just trashed! Any ideas what would cause this? The yarn was strong and sound prior to this....I'd used some recently, in the un-dyed color for weft....
    Any suggestions or advice will be appreciated. I really want to dye some of the multiple cones of cottons to use as either pattern or tabby weft for handwoven towels.
  • I wonder if the fiber is mislabeled. Maybe it's rayon, rather than cotton. Rayon is notorious for poor wet-strength. Cotton ought to be able to handle being wrung out, and it certainly doesn't mind a pH of 8.6.

  • thanks for the reply....I think the fiber in question is cotton....just doesnt look like rayon...dull, slubby and definitely not like the slubs of rayon. I don't think a burn test would define as both are cellulose.
    My biggest concern is that other wonderful (now) yarns would bite the dust as well...and I have a lot of fibers I'd like to eventually dye.
    I'll try again.......thanx. elaine