How to tie dye with black and gold
  • I am wanting to make a black and gold spiral design t-shirt. So far I have made one attempt at this with not the results I was hoping for. I purchase all my fiber reactive dyes from Dharma. I used ( as many suggested) #44 better black mixed with #300 new black. The final outcome looked to be very dark navy with a purple hue. I do not want any purple red or blue hues. Preferably no hues at all. I sure hope someone can direct me to a black that can give me the results im looking for. Also yes, i did mix the dye 4x the amt then other dyes. Also , i am using direct application. Would the best way to apply the die be color the entire backside(bottom) black and the entire frontside(top) yellow?

    TY Rae
  • Well after much trial and error.....I finally made black!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Perfect black!!!!! If anyone would like my technique u can email me @ [email=""][/email]
  • In my attempts to do a 'crisp' black & gold, after adjusting the dye mix till it's as close as possible (I steam set procion dyes so don't get much 'drift' in the colors, edges stay sharp)..

    I add a small quantity of dye thickener to the black, and work with a fairly wet shirt, so there's minimal bleedover from the black to the 'gold'.

    My technique depends on the relative dampness of the shirt compared to the dye, and the water in the shirt is counted as if it were added to the dye bottle.. wetter shirts get stronger dye concentrations.

    Gold (apricot) is lemon yellow with a small percentage of bright orange added.. and should be applied to the shirt completely before any black is mixed. Once applied on both sides, heating/baking/steam setting will 'freeze' the dye (stop further bleeding & penetration) and prevent a muddy overlap.

    I'm not sure my way of doing it is applicable to others methods, but 'black last, do both sides briskly, bake or steamset immediately'.. gives 100% of the desired result.

    Not using Dharma dyes, I'm unaware of how their products act.. but the ideas remain the same even if proportions change. This technique also works on silk though it takes VERY little dye to manage it. Easy to overdo it..

    and yes, I'd like you to post your recipe for black, the more we share ideas and recipes, the more professional we all look.