Dyeing Loose Sofa Covers
  • Hi,
    I have some 'white' Ikea cotton sofa covers which after washing have all come out different colours, some paler than others and now they
    mark very badly.

    I would like to dye them a sort of ecru, light beige.
    Would you suggest Procion MX? Would this be colour fast ie so colour would not come out on clothes when sitting on sofa.

    Is there a product that will help dispersion of dye - as I do not have a very large vessel in which to dye, may have to do them in the washing machine.

  • Hi,
    May I recommend trying our IDye colors for future projects? They are concentrated easy to use and produce vibrant colorfast results. We also have a dye for polyester and recipes for poly cotton blends. Something the other brands don't have.
    Regards Celia
  • Hi Celia

    I did look at the idye but somewhere I read that they might not be as colourfast and I want to make sure that the dye does not come out on people's clothes!

    Do you know where I can see the best colour chart?
    I know computers show colours slightly differently.
    I want something like an ecru the idye colour looks better than the Procion colour (which looks rather creamy) I am looking for a light
    sandy beige colour - could even have a slight khaki tinge rather than looking brown. I have used Procion dyes quite a lot before.
    But would you say that idye give better results for this kind of projet?

  • Hi,

    IDye is a light and wash fast dye and I would definitely say that IDye is easier to use than Procion for this type of project. We also have a fixative for IDye for when additional protection is required. One unique thing about IDye is that the covers will almost certainly be stitched using polyester thread; with IDye you can bye the corresponding IDYE Poly color to dye the thread to match the cover. If you call 1800 442 0455 and request a printed chart one will be sent out to you that’s probably the closest approximation currently available. Please note results vary depending on the weight and type of fiber being dyed.

    Regards Celia
  • i'm about to use idye for the first time, i've previously used DYLON. i'm dyeing some sofa covers and going to weigh them so i have the same amount of dye for each weight, how many packets of idye can i use in one load in a front loader and do i need to increase the salt? i know with DYLON the amount of salt stays the same, but i can't find any guide online for IDYE?