Tie dying something that has already been painted with Dy-na-flow?
  • Is it possible to Tie dye a garment that has already been painted with Dy-na-flow paints? Should I Tie Dye it first and then paint on the image?

  • Determining which to do first, Tie Dye or paint with Dye-Na-Flow will depend on just what effect you hope to achieve. Both the dye and the Dye-Na-Flow are transparent so the underlying color is going to affect the product you add later. One thing to keep in mind - make sure you've heat set the Dye-Na-Flow.

  • I was thinking about doing a shirt in the following way, do you think it would work? I have been using the Elmers Blue Glue as a resist.
    1. Painted and heat set Dy-na-flow on the shirt
    2. soaked the shirt in the soda ash for >20 min
    3. let the shirt dry
    4. painted resist over the part I painted with dy-na-flow
    5. quickly dipped in soda ash to wet fabric
    6. Tie dyed.