dying or painting on metallic lycra costume
  • Hi all i am in a bit of a pickle.

    i ordered a costume online which i recieved from overseas, it is a cotton/nylon metalic lycra full body costume. i would say a good 80% of the outside is red metalic colour. I washed the costume and the red has run off the metalic outside of the costume.

    I have purchased some dye that is for nylon, but after reading posts here and on the internet, it seems that my truely best option is to actually airbrush the costume back to its original form.

    my questions are this, i am in australia, so if you have answers that help me for that it would be great, but can i use the airbrush to paint this dye onto the lycra suit? i am going to safely assume that i can't dye the metalic back to its original state... which means that airbrushing is the only way to go.

    should i be using fabric paint for this?

    also, i am just waiting for a response from the supplier, as she has told me that the colour on the metalic paint is a topcoat, so i am waiting for her to tell me what they have used for their topcoat, but if you have any info that is immediately helpful that would be great, as i only have 1 week to get the costume into ready stateimage

    ps i have put a picture of the costume up with this post.
  • Sounds like your best bet is to go with a fabric paint. Dye-Na-Flow would be appropriate. It is very light bodied and will give you the transparent color you'd get with a dye. It also works quite well in an airbrush..

  • is there somewhere in australia that you can purchase this dye na flow product from?

  • Check with the stores listed here. If they don't carry that particular product, perhaps they can direct you to a store that does.