• Our Girl Scout troop is hosting an Encampment for 125 girls. The best I seem to be able to get for pillowcases, budget wise, is 50/50 or 55/45 (do you think the 5% will make a difference?) Which would get better results, one color immersion (using poly?) or the MX applied via bottle? We will not have access to washing machines on site, and will have to send them home with the girls in ziploc bags. Any advice on what would be best for us? I will prewash the pillowcases in hot water with ash and synthrapol, correct? Help! I will buy the MX individual colors in the 2/3 oz container. How many pillowcases do you think I might get out of a container? Any help is greatly appreciated!
  • Have you checked Dharma Trading Company? They sell both 100% cotton pillowcases and 100% silk pillowcases. I would not recommend that you bother with trying to dye anything made of a poly/cotton blend.

    If you must use poly/cotton blend pillowcases, I think you'll do better to use a fabric paint, instead of a dye. While it is possible to dye the fiber blend with two different kinds of dyes, it's easier to avoid trying to dye mixtures of natural and synthetic fibers. You can dye just the cotton in a poly/cotton blend, but, if you do, the colors will be pastel, rather than bright.

    Dyeing polyester requires boiling the fabric in the dye, which is not very practical for a girl scout function. If you use 100% cotton or 100% silk pillowcases instead, you can use cool water fiber reactive dyes, such as Procion MX dyes, and not have to mess with all those pots of scalding hot water, something I'd personally rather not get kids involved with.

  • Thank you! I appreciate the advice and will check out Dharma!