Fluorescent Blue Formula Change?
  • Why did versatex change the color of this? I used to use the FL Blue, the magenta, the yellow and black STARIGHT OUT OF THE CONTAINERS for awesome cmyk printing, and now the fl blue won't work at all...I am VERY frustrated!! I see you have sky blue but its not the same as the old FL Blue...Any thoughts/answers on this? What inks do you suggest I use for CMYK?
  • 47 views and nothing? Any moderators know anything about this? I can't be the only one out there who noticed this change...
  • After searching the US, Europe and Asia, we were unable to acquire the components to continue to produce the Fluorescent Blue with the original pigments. As a result we did reconfigure that color, and you are correct, it is somewhat different.
    We do have process colors in the Jacquard Screen Ink line - perhaps these will work for you?

    (and sorry for the delay in the response!_