help requested for kids project (& newbie mom)
  • I am planning to purchase a kit & wonder how I should go about preparing for a project & what I need to do ahead of time to make it a success.

    This is to be done on a camp out. I'm not sure how many children will attend- but I'm guessing 20+ and possibly some parents will want to try (I mean, who doesn't dig tie dye?). I'd like to have the shirts ready- although I can soak them on site. Water will be somewhat limited, but I don't want to haul 30+ dripping shirts by 4 wheeler across an island!

    I LOVE the idea of easy & something that kids of various ages can do. I want to make sure I have ALL supplies when we get there. What can I expect? I don not have the kit in hand & didn't see the instructions online. It appears that there is a period of soaking in soda ash solution, then the dying process, then what? Do they have to be in baggies drying for 24-48 hours or can they be unscrunched and hung to dry right away?

    I think I have a box of gloves- what else would I need? I'd planned on buying the kit that shows all of the cool tees on the box.

    B/T/W would this work on light grey shirts? Thanks for any help I can get!!!! I wanna be the cool aunty of the camp out....
  • We did tie dying with girlscouts recently. Shirts were soaking in soda ash and wrung out as girls arrived at activity table. We gave a brief demo of the various types of folding and then let the girls do theirs. Used rubber bands to make it "simple" although, I think better results come from tying with twine. Table was covered with very thick plastic sheeting-otherwise the wooden picnic table would be destroyed.

    We had 2-3 bottles of each of the major dye colors (turquoise, yellow, fuschia). Plenty of rags for constant mop-up. We had printed up tags with washout instructions, and heavy ziplock bags.

    I don't think this isn't an activity to do camping if you don't know how it goes from doing it at least once or a few times at home. For example, you will better understand how much to wring out the shirt, and how the colors bleed and mix on the shirt during dying and during sitting afterwards. If there's just too much wet and dye, then after sitting in the bag, things will mostly be a muck-color.

    You'll need 100% cotton shirts- no synthetic mixes, or the color won't react with the fiber. You will want a reasonable air temp- if it's too cold out, the dye may not fully react. The dye needs to react on the soda-ash soaked shirt for at least 8-10 hours- in other words, it needs to sit overnight. If you unbind during this time, you'll ruin the whole thing. This is why you use the plastic bag. The next day, it needs to be rinsed out. This shouldn't be done in a campout situation- it will really stress the environment- soda ash is highly basic- ph 10+. This should be done in context of a developed environment (home washing machine, strong hose on a lawn).

    As long as the dyes are intense enough, you can certainly dye over a color like grey- as long as it's 100% cotton. The color is transparent, so you'll see a mix of grey with the color.