• Hello,
    this is my first time on this site. so thankyou in advance for patience..

    i like the idea of how a discharge dye looks in the end. what dye could i use with a stencil that would have the same effect? what do i need to use so it wont bleed?
  • Are you asking what dye you can use that will discharge? What sorts of fabrics will you be working with?

  • guess i was not very clear. :( i ment can i use discharge paste over a stencil and get a good print. is there any thing else i should prep with before or after using the paste.

    second: what dye do i use to do stenciling that wont keep bleeding thus making it blurry?

  • Okay, I think I've got it now -
    Yes, you can use the discharge paste over a stencil - it is thick enough that you should be able to brush it on with out bleeding, or you can dampen a sponge with the paste and daub it onto the fabric through the stencil.
    As for dyes, you will need to thicken any dye you would use in this manner. The specific thickener you use will depend on the type of fabric you are dyeing. Sodium Alginate F is used for silk and Sodium Alginate SH is used when working with cotton, linen, rayon & other cellulose fabrics. There is some discussion at the page for the Sodium Alginates and you will find more at the Procion MX page, for sreenprinting and hand painting.