troubles with lycra, and Dye na flow
  • Okay here's the deal, I'm cosplaying as a video game character called Midna. I ordered a black lycra zentai suit and soaked it in No Flow. Then after the whole suit had dried I began to paint it with Dye-na-flow for the white parts of her skin.

    I don't think I did it right, because after three layer of it should start to become this vibrant white, but it's please if any body knows a way I can save the suit let me know how, and what can/ should use.

    I am also afraid that if I used the wrong base, and put the correct one on over what I've already painted that the Dye-na-flow will stain other parts of the suit in the wash, will it?

    One more question (sorry!) for touch ups should I use black Dye-na-flow, or something else?
  • Dye-Na-Flow is a transparent fabric paint. How do you propose to turn black to white by painting it with a transparent paint?

    It's much better to start with a white suit and paint it black where needed. Even an opaque fabric paint, such as Neopaque, is going to have a hard time covering up a large expanse of black lycra to turn it a vibrant white.

    No Flow is intended for use with dyes. I don't think it's suitable for use with fabric paints such as Dye-Na-Flow. If you want a thicker fabric paint, then that's what you should buy to start out with. Don't buy a paint that's specifically designed to flow into the fabric if you don't want it to do so.

    To keep fabric paints from staining other parts of the project in the wash, follow the manufacturers' directions for heat-setting the fabric paint, and delay washing for at least a week, if possible, preferably a month.

  • Someone gave us misinformation about Dye-Na-flow (not on this site), thank you for the advice, do you have a recommendation on which type of fabric paint that is thick enough to show vibrant color, yet still leaves flexibility?