Problem with Versatex ink washing out
  • I have not had any problems with the Versatex inks fading or washing out in the past. However, a current batch of pieces (100% cotton flour sack towels, screen printed with brown versatex water-based ink, straight out of the pot) are bleeding and fading when washed. I always follow the heat setting instructions, using an iron set on "cotton." What is happening? Is there some kind of curing time that the instructions leave out? If so, what is it, and why is it a secret? I printed the towels four days ago, and ironed them three days ago. I washed another batch today and they faded. A towel that was printed months ago, with the same ink, appears to have come through the wash fine.
    I would love to know the solution to this problem. It mortifies me to think that i may be selling defective items!
    I am happy to give more details to anyone who needs them to help me resolve this problem.
    Thanks! Looking forward to getting some good information!
  • Hi there,

    Could you send us the batch number for that ink. You'll find the # near the UPC code on the label.

  • The ink is 314 Brown, and the numbers under the bar code are 7 43772 23140 0.
    Thank you! This is great customer service!
  • Laura June -

    Would you give us a call at 800.442.0455 - it seems like there may not be a batch number on that pot of paint - the number you sent is the UPC. At any rate, it might be easier to get to the bottom of this if we just have a conversation on the phone.
    Ask for anet!

    till then..