Good mix for royal blue?
  • Does anyone have a good mix for royal blue? I can't figure out what to mix to make the blue brighter.
  • Which dyes are you using?
    ...and even with the answer to that question I'd warn you that any other person's idea of what makes "royal blue" could be different than yours.

  • I've used both Cobalt and Navy blue and the shades of both are just too dark. The color I'm looking for is this ROYAL BLUE. Maybe a little brighter though.
  • Sorry, I didn't answer your first question, I'm using Procion MX dyes.
  • Well, I can't follow your link, but presuming you've been using the Procion MX, and based on the results from google/images with a search for royal blue I'm thinking you are headed in the right direction with the Cobalt #076 - toned with Bright Blue #232?.

  • there is only one royal blue. it is bright and blue and royal. i in my 23 years of dying i have never been able to get royal blue on cotton. i have been able to get close to royal blue on rayon.i think it has something to do with the sheen. i can how ever get royal purple on cotton.its difficulty may lie in the idea that only royals are allowed to wear this color so the formulas are kept secret