Nylon cord
  • I have some white nylon cord/twine that I need to dye turquoise. I purchased Jacquard acid dye for this and followed the instructions for stove top immersion dyeing with vinegar. The cord came out of the dye a beautiful turquoise but all the dye rinsed out and it is perfectly white again! Is there something else I should be doing to help the nylon take the dye?
  • ....nylon is a tricky one...the way I understand it, some nylons are woven or extruded in a manner which makes it more difficult for dyes to penetrate. Doesn't really sound like penetration is your problem, however, as you had good color when you removed the cord. So, a couple of questions - how high did you raise your temperature & how long did you leave the cord in the dye bath at the high temperature?
  • I heated the dye pot until tiny bubbles started to form, then lowered the heat a little and left it on for 30 minutes. After that I let it cool to room temp before removing and rinsing the cord.

    A couple of other variables... The pot I used had a teflon coating, is that bad? And does it matter whether the first rinse is cold, warm or hot? I think my first rinse was warm. Can I try dying again with the same dye bath, or once it has been heated is it finished?

    Thank you so much for your help! :)
  • I seem to have the same problem. #my original cord (8plait nylon braid 1.5mm dia) gave wonderful results with Acid dyes but the new batch of cord simply washes out acid dyes. I've used iDye Poly and preceeded the dyeing by boiling wash the cord using washing up liquid. when I actually dye I get it finally to a rolling boil fora few minutes and then wash the cord in cool water. Before I do this final wash the colour is intense....afterwards disappointing.....all the colours look pale. very disappointing after earlier experience. Any help................Please !!!!!......Titch
  • Hi Titch,

    It sounds as if the new cord just isn't going to take the dye. There is one other dye that might be worth trying. It is our Basic Dye, not real sure it is going to be your answer, but because Basic Dye works so well on hard surfaced materials (bone and acrylic buttons) it might get past what ever is resiting the other two dyes. I could also be way off base here so I'm going to double check with the chemist.

  • Hi Titch,

    Spoke with our chemist and this is what he had to say: "I’d guess that it has a coating of some sort in which case the idye poly may or may not be the answer."
    One other idea would be to allow the dye bath to boil for longer than a few minutes - minimum of 20 minutes, more would be better per our chemist.

    hope this helps