Urea & Soda Ash?
  • Two years ago I did a tie dye project with the kids and it turned out great. Thus, I was planning on doing it again on some Field Trip shirts (26 to be exact). I pulled out my supplies and I can not find my notes. I have both Urea and Soda Ash bags that are almost full. I know that I should soak the shirts in a Soda Ash/water mixture first, but does anyone know what I would have used Urea for? Would I have added that to the dye? Also, I am using Procion powder dye that has been in the garage for the past 2 years. As long as the jars were closed tightly, are they still good?

    Thanks for any help or suggestions!
  • Hello,
    Yes youi can add the Urea to the dye. Here is a link to our instructions. http://www.jacquardproducts.com/products/dyes/procionh/instructions1.php