Eek! Painting on lycra?
  • Ive searched the forums on here as best as I could before posting this. I got a bodysuit made out of lycra off ebay, and i dont know what else is in the material. so assuming its mostly spandex, would Jacquard Textile Colors (and airfix so i dont have to heat set) be okay to use on it? has anyone tried it successfully? Its a black bodysuit, and I need to get some white onto it, so i need to paint a few 'layers' on. if anyone has any advice of painting on some details Id really appreciate it!
  • There's a post a few down in this same sub-forum that says:

    For Nylon acid dye is great its the spandex or elastic that is the problem dyeing. You may wish to tri I-Dye Poly. That may work.

    I kind of have the same question, but i'm trying to approximate reflective paint on a spandex bodysuit from ebay.
  • Yeah i got that spandex ebay bodysuit thing too, a zentai suit or whatever. i dont want to do any dying, just paint because im afraid id mess up details with dye, and i need to probibly do a few layers of paint to get good coverage. -.-