Jacquard Tie Dye Kit
  • Hello,

    I bought the international "tie dye kit" via a German dealer and finished it dyeing T-Shirts with my kids and those of a friend. Now I want to refill the bottles.
    The product sheet say this: "everything else you need is here, including three pre-mixed colors of Procion MX dye".

    So my questions are:
    What colors were in them? lemon yellow 004 - fuchsia 040 - turquoise 068? Or lemon 004 - magenta 034 - cerulean 070?
    As you can see I am not totally new to Procion MX dyeing - I already did low immersion dyeing and dyeing in the washing machine.
    But the liquid dye in the bottles seemed a lot more concentrated than what I use normally (1ml dye in 25ml water) - so how much was in them?
    And was there an additiv? Like urea? How much?

    Thanks for your help
  • Those things were getting quite annoying.
  • katherine said:
    Those things were getting quite annoying.

    Sorry, but I do not get what you want to tell me ...

    In the meantime I asked at Jacquard's directly and had an answer. There were 10g of dye in each bottle, nothing else - and the colors are as presumed.
    Thanks anyway