Type of Silk
  • I have been searching for different types of fabric to use in my printer, and have noticed that some companies have different types and weights of silk. I have looked all over the package of your silk paper, and can't find this information anywhere. Can you please tell me what type of silk this is, and it's weight.

    Also I was looking at the sheets in my package and one of them seems to have a wrinkle in it. I'm concerned that this will show up in any print I put on the fabric, is there a way this can be removed before printing or am I stuck with one bad sheet and only 9 good ones? At the cost of this fabric, I would hate to have one sheet that is unusable.

    Thank you,
  • Hi,
    Our inkjet silk is habutai 8 or 10mm I believe.
    Call our customer service 1800 442 0455 and we will take care of that wringle for you.