Procion One-Shot vs. MX
  • Hi,
    I just heard of One-Shot for the first time ever, and it seems pretty simple and good. What do you think of it, in comparison to say MX or H or even Acid dyes for silk? How does the price compare, ect?
  • One-Shot Dye is a brand of acid dye produced by PRO Chemical & Dye. It has nothing to do with Procion dyes, which they also sell. It has salt and other auxiliary chemicals mixed into it, so it is very convenient for a novice to use, but the price per pound of fiber dyed is higher. Since it is acid dye, it can be used only on protein fibers such as silk.

    I personally prefer buying dyes whose exact contents I know, so I prefer other acid dyes from both ProChem and Jacquard to pre-mixed dyes such as One Shot.