Wedding Dress Dye Job
  • I have two wedding dresses to turn into princess costumes - this is the first one.
    The over skirt and bodice overlay is chiffon. It's a satin of some sort underneath.
    the lace and beading and sequins are there too.
    Actual dress:

    The goal is a sea green to aqua final result. Something in this scope:

    I have a couple questions:
    1) iDye Poly turqouise? How many? Add green too?
    2) HOW to manage the dye job. Won't fit in the washer let alone a stove pot (or will it?)... was thinking of big tub in the bathtub - its the only other hot water access I actually have... suggestions welcomed!

    I've done one or two small stove pot dye jobs in the past... but this will be my big one...
  • Hi Stefaniecat,

    Thanks for your questions.
    The color results are going to be a bit tricky as I presume you don't have a similar fabric to test on. I do think you are on the right track - the turquoise with a smidge of green. The amount of dye will depend on the weight of the fabric - each packet will dye 2 to 3 pounds.
    As for the actual dye process - as the fabric is polyester chiffon & satin you'll want to use the stove top method to ensure a good dye job.
    We do sell a couple of very large pots (on our closeout page: - I think the large one would be sufficient for your purposes. Another good source is second hand stores - I've purchased enameled canning pots that are quite large.
    hope this helps