painting on knit cotton
  • does anyone if when painting on knit cotton will the paint always be very stiff? what can i do to prevent this and prevent cracking???? please help.
  • which paints are you using?

  • luminere and neopaque
  • the Lumiere and Neopaque are our heaviest bodied paints, however, if you are using a single layer of paint (rather than building up layer on layer) it should be fairly soft to the hand. You'll be able to tell it is there, and it will be some what stiff, especially depending on the weight of the fabric but you shouldn't be getting any cracking unless you are layering wet paint on dry or not getting a good heat fix. if you want a lighter bodied paint (which is not opaque) you might want to try the Dye-Na-Flow. Even on the lightest fabric this paint creates little to no hand.