removing water-based resist
  • Since the Jacquard water-based resist was reformulated, I cannot remove it from steamed silk pieces. I am using Jacquard Red Label Dyes on chiffon and crepe de chine and steaming for 1 hour. No amount of scrubbing will take it out. Help please.
  • hi there,

    I spoke with our production manager and he recommends soaking the piece and then peeling the resist.

  • Hi Anet -

    Thankyou for the quick response. After repeated rinses to remove the excess dye, I have let the silk soak in water up to an hour and the resist is hard as a rock - I've tried scraping the lines with the end of a credit card and even tried perforating the lines with a very small needle. But all this manipulating is really hard on the silk and the resist remains. I've gone to using thickener instead but would really prefer using resist. Lynn
  • Hi Lynn,

    Hummm, this is a little puzzle...Because we did extensive testing with this product we before we released it I'm thinking it might be a good idea for you to give us a call here at Jacquard, maybe we can get to the bottom of this.
  • Hi Anet -

    I tried another piece using resist so I could be totally accurate in reporting the entire process. After steaming for 1 hour and rinsing 6 or 8 times to get out the excess dye I soaked the silk - my main concern in letting it sit for so long was any dye leaching back into the unpainted areas. I checked it every hour and changed the water. I found that it takes a minimum of 4 hours for the resist to soften so I can scratch it off with my fingernail - not easily but it did come off.

    So, at least I know I can use the resist as long as I have the time to soak it for 4 hours. Thanks for the feedback - this forum is a great resource.