How to use dye set
  • Hi, I am a newbie to silk paiting so have a lot of questions.
    Could you tell me the correct method for using Jacquard dyet set with green lbl dyes? I mixed 2 tbsp of dye set with a quart of water and after swirling the fabric in it for 5 mins I washed it with soap and water but the colors seemed to fade after washing.
    Also is it possible to use the same dye set for setting several individual fabrics one after another?
    Steaming at home is not an option for me so can you tell me any proffessional steaming service who does this for a fee?
    Sorry for asking so many questions. Thanks.
  • Hi,

    You are using the dyeset correctly. However make sure you wash the fabric with a gentle soap in cool water after setting. It is also advisable to leave the painted fabric for 24 to 48 hours after painting before setting in the dyeset.

    No you cannot really use the dyeset more than once as staining will occur.

    Unfortunately I don't have any referrals for steaming and it may be difficult to find a company who will do that locally. However, if you can steam vegetables at home, then that is how easy it is to steam fabric. You can do most small to medium sized pieces in a pan on the stovetop. I would really recommend steaming as the best method of fixation.

  • Hi Celia,

    Thanks for the info. I was using hot water to wash the cloth so probably that was why the color was fading. This time I tried wasing it with cold water and woolite and the color did not fade ! But then the fabric was not washfast. I dried the fabric and let it rest for 24 hours(since I was not sure if it needed aircuring even after washing). Then I wetted the fabric again and while drying purposely joined a white portion of the fabric to the colored part for testing washfastness,but sadly the white portion got stained :(. This is not desirable since I want to paint for wearables . Any idea what went wrong?

  • Hi,

    You need to rinse the fabric until the water runs clear after fixing to remove residual dye. That should prevent bleeding after you have washed it for the first time.

    Silk should be dried flat this helps avoid creases and any staining or residual bleeding.

    You only need to let the colors rest for 24hours before the first time you wash or fix them.

    This being said I cannot emphasize how much better steaming is as a method of fixation.