Questions from a newbee
  • I just purchased the Dye-Na-Flow 9 pack. There were so many to choose from at the store. I just tried painting on the fabric inside a black line and the dye bled all over the place. From reading the website I understand now that it seems this is the way Dye-Na-Flow works. Would it be better for me to use a different product if I want the ink to stay within my drawn black line?

    Please help. The project for my son's class is due at weeks end.

  • What was the black line drawn with? Dye-Na-Flow will stay inside lines that have been drawn properly with resist (properly being an unbroken line that has soaked through the fabric, and allowed to dry.) If it was a line drawn with a fabric marker of some sort then it would be better to use the Neopaque or Textile Colors. They are both heavier bodied paints that wil stay where you put them--unlike Dye-na-Flow which is meant to behave more like a dye or like silk paints.