• How do I use it? I used some "other" brand and it didn't work. I have Jacquard resist, but I didn't want to waste it.
    I applied it to the shirt, let it dry, then swirled up the shirt, dyed it, let it batch, and rinsed it out. I got nadda. It didn't "resist" at all.
    What am I doing wrong? Tips please!
  • Hi,
    With the technique you described below I don't think any waterbased resist will work unfortunately. Are you submerging the shirt completely into the dye? You could try batik wax that would be better if you are.
  • I apply the dye with a squirt bottle. I did another test. I put the resist on, didn't let it dry. Then put dye all over the test fabric. It worked that time. Can I use resist and fold up a shirt? Because if the resist doesn't dry then it's just going to get all over the rest of the shirt.
    I am trying to make a paw print on the front of a shirt. What about dying it and then using a wash out?
  • Hi,

    As Ceilia pointed out, the Jacquard waterbased resist isn't designed to be used in the manner you are describing, but rather as a resist when
    painting fabrics (usually silks). The best resist you could use with the tie dye method would be some sort of batik wax, either traditional or a soy based, depending on your preference.
    The option of using discharge paste after dying to create the design is a good one. You'll want to do some testing as different dyes discharge differently.

  • Thank you! See........I am clueless. I am just winging it. LOL Thanks for your help.