How do you get the white out and the color in!?
  • I have to do a batch of spider and swirl tie dyes. The are supposed to be black with a grey fade over the white. How do you do that? It looks like the grey fade is just maybe diluted black. There was virtually no white on these sample pics I was given. Also, What is the best way to get a good rich black?

    Thank you !!!!!!!!!!
  • What I would do to get that effect:

    Prepare and soak fabric in soda ash as usual.

    Pre-mix a good strong black - heavy concentration of Jet Black is good, like 3-4 times more dye per part of water than other colors to guarantee a good strong black - and then a weaker black for the gray. There is "Pearl Gray" but boy was I surprised to discover fuschia in there! Might not go so well with your black.

    Tie your spirals/spiders with a good uniform fold, and use a squirt bottle to get the gray into every nook and cranny you can possibly reach. Use the black on one side of the tied fabric to reach the areas of the folds that go there (hence the careful uniform fold). Let batch in a WARM place (70F or warmer) for several hours (I like to go overnight, and I like to microwave the dyed and wrapped garments in the microwave for maybe a minute first). Rinse as usual.

    There may still be some white left if you've missed a few nooks and crannies, but if you've gotten the gray everywhere, and the black on the tops of the folds, you should have gray and black. You can always add some soda ash to and leftover gray dye and touch up what you missed if need be.

    Alternately you can dye the shirts gray and then tie them and dye the folds black, or dye the black and then once they've been rinsed out dye the whole thing gray, but I'm too lazy to do it that way - amazing what having two small people around while you're trying to dye for fun and profit does for one's approach to stuff like this! LOL

    That's just how I would approach it, anyway.