Help with fading!
  • I am using the Procion MX dyes in the colors "Fire Engine Red" and "Midnight Blue" to color shirts for a relatives business. They are supposed to be colored the same team colors as the Chicago Cubs. The blue seems to holding on well but when I am washing the shirts, the Fire Engine Red is turing into a Fire Engine Pink!

    I mixed the dye according to the bottle directions, I soaked the shirts in a Soda Ash solution for over 24 hours (prior to dying of course) and even used Urea in the solution to let the dye cure longer. I have let the shirts cure (or however you phrase that) for 2 days. I have been using all Jacquard products to ensure I have stability in the work and have been following all directions according to the packages other than letting items sit longer than the required time.

    I still have about 45 shirts left to color and don't want to have to pay for the mistake of having blue and pink shirts. Is there any suggestions on what I should do to color the last half of my shirts "Fire Engine Red" like it should be?!
  • I had the same problem with the same color, actually; my poor nephew.... :o

    Since then I've done better adding a TEENY bit of yellow to it to "orange it up" a bit. Mixing it stronger has seemed to help as well. Make sure they batch a good long while and get some heat in there too.

    Maybe give it a try on one shirt and see it it makes a difference.
  • There are several problems that can cause red dye to produce a pink color....

    Are the shirts 100% cotton, or are they 50% polyester?

    Had they been treated to make them stain-resistant? (The package should indicate if they were.)

    Did you squeeze or wring out the extra soda ash water before applying your dye? (It's not necessary to pre-soak t-shirts in soda ash for more than twenty minutes, though it won't hurt that you did.)

    How much dye are you using? What happens if you double that? For a bright red, I would use four to six teaspoons of dye per 8-ounce cup of tie-dye dye concentrate.

    What temperature are you letting the dyes react at? Is it over 70°F?