• We are looking to make 5'x3' banners for an event on colored silk. We want to paint images on different background colors. Which silk do you recommend, which dyes, and which fabric paints for beginner? Will we need to stretch fabric? Thanks for any help.
  • Hi Elizabeth,

    The silk choice will depend on how translucent you want the banners to be, what sort of weight you are looking for etc. - an 8mm Habotai is a smooth weave, shimmery, medium-light weight fabric that is a popular choice for everything from scarves to drapey banners- the www.SilkConnection.com web site will tell you a bit more about the different silks.
    As for dyes, with silk you'll want to use the Acid Dyes for the overall color - you'll get wonderful colors with them. For paints you've got a couple choices - the Textile Traditionals will give you good coverage with a fairly light hand and will be fairly easy to control on the silk. The Neoapque and Lumiere line of paints are a little heavier handed but give you more opaque coverage and with the Lumiere you get the choice of the metalic, pearlescent, and hi-lite colors. These paints are fairly easy to control on the silk as well.
    Stretching the fabric while painting will make your life much easier - and having it suspended a bit above the underlying surface will help reduce the possiblility of 'bleeding' with the paints.
    have fun!