Using Pearl Ex on Mini Pearl Trochus shells
  • Hello my fellow members,

    I'm interested in buying Pearl Ex and using it on mini pearl Trochus shells for a craft I'm working on. But before I purchase it I have a few questions that I'm hoping at least one of you will be able to answer:

    1. With what medium will Pearl Ex "stick" or "stay" the best on the smooth, natural surface of a shell?

    2. What item (like a paint brush for example) should I use to get the Pearl Ex on the shells.

    3. If the Pearl Ex successfully takes to the shells, would it be wise to use Krylon Clear UV resistant spray in a gloss finish on top so the Pearl Ex does not come off the shells in any way?

    This is what the shells look like:

    This is how I want them to look:

    And these are the two Pearl Ex powders I would like to use:

    681 Duo Blue-Green and 682 Duo Green-Yellow

    Answers, help, and/or comments will be much appreciated. And if there is anything else that I should take into consideration please let me know. Thank You. :)
  • good morning,

    Beautiful shell...the picture of the uncoated shell came through just fine but (at least to my computer) the 'after' pic didn't come through. I'd love to see it.
    As to your questions, Gum Arabic may be your best medium, it usually comes in powdered form and you add water to create the consistency you are after. Because it is water soluble you will want to coat it with something like the Krylon spray. Another alternative would be to use a spray on medium which would stay tacky long enough for you to brush the dry Pearl Ex onto the shell. You would get a different look with the two methods. Regarding how best to deliver the Pearl Ex, I'd think you'll probably want to use a bristle brush over a sponge brush.
    One of the best suggestions I can give you is to do a little experimentation, work with a surface similar to the shells and try a couple of different methods of delivery.
  • 1.Arabic Gum os the best medium will Pearl Pigment stick on the smooth

    2.You can choose bristle brush

    3.Coat with something like Krylon UV resistant spray is a good choice