making a custom color
  • I haven't bought any of the dye yet. We are making t-shirts for a team. We are looking for a celery green color and a bright pink. I did not see that on any color charts. What colors should I mix and in what proportions? We want to use the squeeze bottles to apply to shirts- would I put the color powder and urea in the bottles and add water - or mix in a bucket and put in bottles. We are making 16 shirts.
  • Presuming you will be working with 100% cotton shirts you'll want to use the Procion MX dyes. As for the colors, there is the #035, Hot Pink - the celery color you are after might be acheived by using one of the greens, say #094 Emerald Green or #097 Bright Green in a more diluted form. You should probably play around with that a bit. Also, you'll find full directions for using the Procion MX here.
    If you have any other questions just let us know.
  • And just to emphasize what Anet said, make SURE your shirts are 100% cotton, NOT a 50-50 cotton/poly mix!!! (At least not unless you want your colors seriously muted, anyway.)

    The Fuschia might suit your needs for a hot pink too. And for a celery green, at least the way I envision it, I'd get some Lemon Yellow and gradually add in some Emerald Green or Bright Green till you get a shade you like, diluting somewhat if you want a more muted shade than, say, avocado. :)
  • Thanks for the advice and the link to the color chart. I think the shirts that we bought are 50/50. They were at the craft store near the tie dye supplies. Will they work- or do they have to be 100% cotton?
  • You may be disappointed if you use the 50/50...those beautiful colors you see on other people's tie dye?...yours would end up about half as bright. And - you'd also have to deal with the possibliliy that where the Procion MX stains the poly it could continue to release from that component of the fabric over the life of the shirt thus endangering future loads of laundry.
  • Thanks for the advice. I will take back the shirts and look for 100% cotton. Thanks for the color mixing tips too!
  • I've complained REPEATEDLY at ACMoore that they bother to sell the Procion dyes but not the 100% cotton tees, but nobody there seems to care. I used to go to Michael's for cotton tees but now they don't have 'em either, and neither does Jo-Ann's. I have found great tees at Target, either the Ultimate Tees if you want heavier-duty fabric, or just packs of men's/boys' tees.
  • When buying underwear t-shirts to dye, watch out for those that are claimed to be stain-resistant, because they resist the dye, as well. The 100% cotton ones are fine as long as they are not stain-resistant.

    I prefer to mail-order t-shirts because that gives you more choices. I like the heavier weight PFD shirts ("Prepared For Dyeing") that are sewn with cotton thread.