Dye removal
  • Is there any method for removing procion mx fiber-reactive dye? I have areas on a recently completed project that resisted the dye despite prewashing with synthrapol. The fabric is 95% cotton and 5% lycra.
  • There are several different dye removal chemicals that can be used to remove many dyes, but, unfortunately, all of them require heat. Spandex is very sensitive to heat, so it will probably be damaged if you use any of the recipes for removing dye.

    Don't use chlorine bleach because it will certainly damage the spandex.

    Your best bet will probably be to overdye somehow, perhaps by directly painting on thickened dye, since dye removal is so impractical for spandex blends.

  • Thank you, Paula. I recently came to that conclusion when I read about the properties of turquoise--the color I used--and its resistance to discharge. I'm pretty new to this and any advice is welcome. Assuming that I can unlock the spots on the fabric that resisted the turquoise dye, do you have any suggestions regarding colors I might use to color over the turquoise and/or to unlock the spots that resisted the first application?