Dyeing recycled paper?
  • On one of my many trips to Target looking for stuff on sale to tie-dye, I found some pretty textured tote bags. I figured they were made of some natural fiber, so I checked the content tag and discovered that the outside - looks sort of like white macrame cording and knotting - was actually made of paper! I picked one up - at like $5 I would have been nuts not to - but only got one, so before I have a go at it, I figured it couldn't hurt to ask whether all the Procion MX dyes I have are appropriate for this as well.
  • Very cool! The Procion MX should work just fine on the paper so long as the paper is made with plant materials (as most is).
    I'd love to see the end result...maybe a post to the 'show off' section of the forum?
  • Now to get to it in all my "copious free time." Honestly, I don't know why they call this "sumer vacation" - I'm NOT on vacation with two kids at home!!!!! :P :)