Pearl Ex with Adhesion Promoters
  • Hello Everyone...

    I am new here, based in the United Arab Emirates.
    I wanted to try and mix the Pearl Ex 691 Solar Gold pigment with an UV Adhesion Promoter, screen print and then UV Cure.
    Any one experience or tried this route? any suggestions or ideas? We would screen print on Acrylics / Glass or metal. The Adhesion Promoter that we use is excellent with these substrates.
  • The PearlEx will mix well with you Promoter so long as your screen will allow the pigment through the screen.

  • Great!
    do we follow the ratio of 6 ~ 12%, our promoter has a slightly higher viscosity than water.
  • That should work - you'll probably want to do some testing to make sure you are getting the coverage you want.

  • Yes - of course, we would do just that, just wanted to get a guide start.
    thanks for your input - Sincerely appreciated!