• What shelf life do unmixed red label dyes have? Also, how much distilled water should be added to make a medium color?
  • I've had some red label dyes for over a year and wasn't sure if they were still good. I was able to test them and they are still quite strong. Turquoise is the only color that seems much paler than the others but I remember it being a disappointment when I first used it. Is this a color that shouldn't be diluted as much as the others or could it be a quality control issue?
    If any one has experience with these dyes, please share. I'm really looking forward to giving them a workout!
  • Generally we recommend using up dyes in solution (Red Label, Green Label, Procion H) within a year of purchase. I think it may be well worth your while to do a test run with the dyes before you toss them, though.

  • Thanks, anet. I was quite happy with the test results and have ordered some of the colors I was low on as well as a new bottle of turquoise. I intend to begin painting with silk but have a silk/wool blend that I want to test as well. Any tips for wool? Also, how are they with linen and silk blends? I should think that as fiber reactives they should do fine with all these blends. Any tips for the best colors with salt effects? I would appreciate any input.