Soda Ash soak after tie-ing or before?
  • I've always washed my shirts and tied them damp out of the wash, then soaked in soda ash. (I think that's how it is on the kit DVD). I've even let them dry and saved tied shirts for months between projects, then soaked before dying. Doing it this way, I can do the folding and tying bare-handed.

    It looks like from the instructions on this site that the shirts are soaked in Soda Ash before they are tied. What is the advantage of doing it this way? Is is worth the hassle of wearing gloves for the folding?
  • Hi,
    If this has been working for you then I would stick to that method. The advantage of soaking prior to tying ensures penetration of the soda ash into the fabric. Your method's success I assume will depend on the weight of the fabric and how tightly the bundle is tied.