woven silk
  • i been on hold in customer service about 20 minutes now ... i would like to know if jacquard carries woven silk fabric for ties. ... now i got through but in customer service they don't know and are trying to find out if someone there knows ...
  • Hi,
    I am sorry to hear you were on hold for so long. I guess the guys in customer servise are obviously very busy today. My appologies that I can't give you a correct answer but I am based in FL! :cool:
  • Sorry about the wait in customer service today--we only have one person on the phones today and are doing the best we can. I believe you spoke to Annette and she asked me about the fabric. My recommendation is to link over to the Silk Connections website and look at the fabric descriptions to see what will best suit your needs. Although we do carry a few tie blanks for silk painting, we are not in the tie industry per se and are not familiar with that industry's specifications (I believe you mentioned 5-fold as being an industry standard).

    This is the best help I have to offer, I hope it is useful for you. Feel free to call me at 1-800-442-0455 ext.111 if I can be of further assistance.