dye for plastics
  • I am trying to create tye dye images onto existing plastic items, specifically a frisbee. I have seen other frisbees done and have tried some basic techniques with little to no success. Please Help!!!
  • Some plastics can be dyed; others cannot. Find out what your frisbees are made of first.

    Nylon is relatively easy to dye, using acid dyes and heat.

    Polyurethane discs are more difficult to dye satisfactorily. Here's a link to a discussion of the best dyes to use: dyed golf discs.

    Plastics other than nylon and polyurethane are likely to be undyeable. For example, you can't dye polypropylene except by adding color to the liquid used to manufacture the plastic.

  • thank you for the link to the discussion dyed golf discs. I will try some of the suggestions. please keep me posted on any further findings.