Please Review Resists
  • I'd like more information about resists in silk painting with dyes vs. fabric paints.

    1. Which types of resists retain their color after washing and/or dry-cleaning?

    2. Could one use "mixed-media" silk painting techniques, e.g. use a colored fabric paint (thicker body than a dye) to act as a resist in outlining an image, and then color the image with silk dyes, which would stay inside the paint outline?

    3. What information and recipes are available for "homemade" resists, and do these retain color? I remember seeing in a book some "recipes"--one was to mix 1 part powdered sugar in 2 parts water, boil until reduced by half, cool until warm and still flowable, and paint that on as a resist. Would that sugar resist hold a color when washed?

    Thank you.
  • Hi,

    Waterbased colored resists are the only ones that will dryclean. Spirit based gutta will come out.

    Any high viscocity paint will resist dye or fluid color but some are more effective than others. Do a test fist.

    Sugar resist as well as flour can be used as an organic alternative to manufactured products but exactly how effective these are is a little questionable. FYI sugar will also give an effect similar to salt on wet dye but it is a little messy to be honest. You can tint clear resist with color both spirit based and waterbased work reasonably well.