Printer profiles?
  • Are there any printer profiles available for managing color with these fabrics (both silk and cotton)? If not, what "canned" profiles have worked well? Thanks - Devon
  • Hi Devon,
    I am going to pass this one on to the tech heads at Jaqcuard. They'll be in touch ASAP.
  • I have a Epson 7800 and would also be interested in Profiles or setting reccomendations, I currently use mostly Habatoi Silk 8mm
  • Hi there!

    I can give you some general recommendations. I set the paper to something like 'specialty papers' or 'heavy matte paper', then I bump up the ink saturation and set print quality to 'best'. It seems like each printer/computer puts access to these settings in different places in the menu. I don't have an Epson printer here, so I can't be any more specific.

    Hope that helps.

    Happy printing!

  • im using an epson 9600. i have ordered the crepe georgette with the fabrisign and im wondering if there are any printer pofiles for this fabric or any other fabric that might be close? any help would be great!
  • Hi jessb,

    It sounds like you are working with a larger format printer. You need to talk to our friends over at Jacquard Inkjet. Their phone number is 707-473-9080.

  • I make my icc profil for whathever paper or fabric I buy. My printer is espon k3 4800 that use same ink has 7800 and 9600. I use x-rite pulse and software send me 4 sheets of "Habatoi Silk 8mm"(dmelfi) or "crepe georgette"(jessb) and I will be glad to make you a profil each!

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