Mixing brown with Procion liquid H
  • I've just started using the Procion liquid H concentrates. Brown is not available so I wondered if someone could advise on how to mix a warm brown and a cool brown.

    Thank you.
  • Hi,

    Dyes are not like pigments and they do not mix as predictably as paint will.

    You can either mix two of our secondary colors together such as our orange and purple, green and purple or orange and green to get a brown. The redder the base color the warmer the shade will be i.e. orange and green with orange as the dominant color in a 2:1 ratio will give a lighter brown that is warmer than green and purple. Alternatively you could mix citron and cyan to make an acid green or yellow and night blue to make a deeper shade of green. You can then add this to our orange or purple. The deeper the shade the darker the brown will be but not necessarily warmer. You can add more red to the orange to warm the color up.

    Now to the point I made about the differences between dyes and paints. You should test these colors and steam them on the fabric to see what shade will ultimately be achieved. Liquid Procion H is a Fiber Reactive Dye that can be used on Cotton, Linen, Rayon, Silk and Wool. As a fiber reactive dye results may vary depending on the makeup of the fiber being dyed.

  • Thank you Celia. This gives me a starting point for experimenting. Much appreciated.