Color Science: Yellow turned blue? I want Kelly.
  • I bought a "vintage" crochet sweater 100% acrylic in a yellowish cream color. I used Green poly dye stove top method putting the sweater in before adding a couple other pieces. I dyed a couple white cotton/blend items as well and they came out a disappointing blue green. I thought since the sweater started out with a warmer color base, the outcome would be closer to a bright Kelly Green but unfortunately it is bluer than the rest! Why? Should I try to dye it yellow and Kelly?
  • Hi Lady,

    iDye Poly will not dye acrylic - what you are seeing with the acrylic is staining - and it appears, from your description, that the blue is the predominant staining component.
    As for the white cotton/blend(of what?) - the percentage of the fabric types in the the blend will make a difference, temperature makes a difference, length of time makes a difference, and having to compete with other fabrics will make a difference.

    hope this helps
  • Thank you Annette for your helpful response. I am so bummed about the sweater. Affirmation that acrylic is best for floors I guess. Unless you know of any other way to dye it? I think I will try to stain it with some yellow and see what happens. I'll never wear it as is. It is a good item for experimentation.
    I don't know what the blends are as the tags are out of those items.
    Thanks again,
  • Hi April,

    Basic dyes will dye acrylic fibers - we do sell those in our bulk and specialty store - although I doubt you need a pound of dye...