screenprinting on glass
  • Can Jacquard screen printing inks be used on glass? The description says "fabric, paper, plastic, vinyl, leather, metal, & more!" and I am hoping the "more" includes glass. If so, how should it be cured?
  • Jacquard Professional Screen ink does print well on glass. We have mixed results as to how well it adheres to glass. Sometimes getting very good results and sometimes compromised results. Therefore we have reservations about putting it on the "list".
    First of all the glass needs to be clean. Second, it takes 3 days to fully set up on its own. Or better yet heat in a oven, or heat tunnel to speed fixation.
    Let us know how it works for you. M. Katz
  • Great. I'm working on a stained glass project so the pieces can fit in the oven. Can you tell me your suggestion as to how long and at what temperature the oven method will need?

    I'll give it a try and let you know!
  • Bevontheroad, For glass I'd say 250 degrees F for two minutes. Thanks, MKatz