Cotton/poly blend
  • Hello! I would like to dye my IKEA chair cushion covers. They are an off-white cotton/poly blend. I have 2 packages each of 2 colors of green dyes for cotton and poly and had planned on mixing them in the washing machine. Now I'm not so sure as it sounds like I may have to boil rather than the much easier washing-machine. Can you help? Thank you!
  • Hi Rebecca,

    In order to get good results we do strongly encourage you to use the stove top method. The polyester just really needs the high temperature to dye well.

  • Thanx Annette - was hoping for the simple solution but looks like I'll need to find a giant pot!
  • anet
    I am completely ignorant regarding dye and how it works. I have been reading a lot on this blog site and found it to be very insightful.
    My questions are as follows...
    I have a 82/18 cotton/poly sweatshirt that is Heather grey. I am trying to dye it Cardinal Red. What is the best method to accomplish that with best results? Will it shrink at all being mostly cotton?
    Any help would be great. Thanks
  • Hi there,

    In order to get the best color saturation I'd recommend using the iDye for Natural Fabric & iDye Poly. Use the stove top method - that's the only way you'll really get the polyester to take the dye.
    The shirt might shrink if it's not been washed in hot water already - depends if it is a new shirt or a well loved, much washed shirt.
    If you have any more questions please don't hesitate to ask.