Less Water (not low immersion) Tub Dyeing
  • Hello,

    I am hoping to do a dyeing project with 30+ kids this week. I would really like to try tub dyeing with them, but current calculations have me using 3 gallons of water per 3 shirts- so over 30 gallons of water would be needed! I was wondering if I could cut the amount of water in the tubs, but keep the same amount of dye. I understand I need enough water to fully submerge the tshirts, and room for those shirts to move around freely, but do I really need to hold those measurements otherwise? Does anyone have any tips with trying tub dyeing with such a large amount of people? Any input would be great, and thanks so much for the help.
  • Sorry, I should clarify, I bought Pocion Cold Water Dye for this project
  • Hi Q,

    You can get away with less water - the important thing is to make sure your tees can move around freely - otherwise you are likely to end up with uneven dyeing.
    hope this helps,