"Deep Purple" ISN'T! :(
  • Did a batch of projects the last couple days with fuschia, deep purple, and turquoise in anticipation of Valentine's Day. Got my two girls long-sleeved tees with plans to dye them in the same colors with different designs, and used fuschia and what I thought would be deep purple to set off the fuschia.

    What I ended up with was a nice vivid fuschia and a nice bright mulberry color that doesn't really contrast well with the fuschia. :( For the second batch I dyed, I added a lot of blue to the purple and that did help - some - but still, when I rinsed, lots of beautiful indigo water washed off and a distinctly pinkish-purple, almost magenta, remained, even after a full day of setting in the laundry room (which is where the furnace is, so it should be warm enough in there). I also noticed with the piece I did in purple just smooshing it through the fabric (for a sort of marbled effect), it seemed that the blue separated and spread into the less-colored areas a bit on its own.

    The other colors came out very bright and clear, as have other procion MX dyes I've used in the past, but this was a real bummer. :( What am I missing?
  • Going to try to attach a picture to show what I mean.... See how the not-deep-purple-but-mulberry completely fails to set off the fuschia? :(
  • Is your dyeing area cooler than usual?

    Whenever anyone complains that their Procion MX blues are coming out too pale, or their mixtures are not blue enough, it generally turns out that their dyeing temperatures are too low.

    If it is below 70°F (21°C), Procion Turquoise MX-G does not work well, and mixtures containing it will be less blue in color than desired.

    For borderline almost-warm-enough temperatures, leaving the dye to react an extra day may do the trick, but adding warmth to the dye reaction is more certain. There are many different ways to do this.

  • Thanks. It was probably a good 70 in the laundry room due to the furnace being in there, but if I try it again I'll keep it warmer. The blues I used - medium blue and turquoise - both came out looking good on the shirts I dyed with them, both previously and this time around, so that hadn't occurred to me.