Newbie Questions! Help please!
  • Hello everyone!

    I'm very excited to get started with dying fabrics. I sew a lot of clothes and have been eager to start buying nicer fabric, and I found how much cheaper they are if you dye them yourself! I have a question before I go buy anything though:

    What size pot should I get for acid dying? Would a 5 gallon pot be big enough to dye 7 or so yards of 8mm habotai or 16mm crepe de chine? Or would I need a larger pot? I can't see myself often sewing things that use more than 7 or so yards of any fabric, but I make a lot of vintage-styled clothing and full skirts (Like circle skirts!) can take a lot of fabric!

    Thank you sooo much everyone!

  • Hi Grace,

    Even with a lightweight fabric like 8 mm habotai you'll want to make sure you have a big pot if you are dying that many yards of fabric at a time.
    The larger pot allows you to move the fabric around very freely and that is important to ensuring even dyeing.
    We've got a couple of biggies on our closeout page - if you are planning to do a lot a of dyeing it is well worth getting the right tools.

    If you have any other questions don't hesitate! And happy dyeing!
  • Hello Annette!

    Thank you for the advice! So what do you mean by a "big pot"? Is 5 gallons big enough or should it be even larger? 8 gallons? 10 gallons?


  • Hi Grace,

    My apologies for that non-specific answer!
    I think a 5 gallon pot/bucket is a bit small for 7 yards of fabric. An 8 gallon pot would probably be sufficient.
    As I answer this I realize I'm a bit spoiled with my own big pots - and so am leaning toward the larger pots. I'd still recommend an 8 gallon pot, because you aren't going to fill any pot to the top with water and an 8 gallon pot will give you 4 - 5 gallons of water to work with.

  • Thank you sooo much! :D You've been very helpful!